Adoptable Dogs: Wyatt and Waylon

Wyatt and Waylon are two male beagles about two years old that were turned in to the shelter together by their owner. They are VERY friendly and loves to give kisses, and they love to be together so we are hoping that they will be adopted to the same forever home. THey are already neutered, micro-chipped, up to date on vaccinations, and ready to find a home where they can play all day long!

Nutmeg Adopted!

Nutmeg is a 10 week old hound mix puppy looking for a forever home! She is part of a litter of six puppies that were born in one of our foster homes after the mother was pulled from the county shelter. She is already spayed and micro-chipped, and is up-to-date on her vaccines!

Puppies Ready for Adoption!

Female puppy available for adoption!

Today is the first day of adoptions for a litter of 6 female hound mix puppies! We will be at the Gainesville PetSmart today from 11-5 and tomorrow from 12-5. These puppies were born just a few weeks after their mom was pulled from the euthanasia list at the local county shelter. They are now 10 weeks old and ready to find forever homes!


I can't tell you all how many times I've answered the question "Where did you get that amazing dog?" I usually just say, "she's adopted", but sometimes I the whole story of how my (very truly awesome) dog Paris came into my life.

It had been a month since the very sudden passing of my little Roxy, a Rhodesian Ridgeback. I felt like my heart was missing, but my two cats did their best to fill the void left behind. I resolved not to try to replace Roxy, but knew if I were to get another dog I would opt for more of a Labrador or Australian Shepherd breed.

Happy Tails

You might have noticed a lot of "Happy Tails" stories on our website recently. We've been copying over Happy Tails from our previous website to our new one and still have a lot to go. It's wonderful to read these great stories again about how pets and people have made each other so happy! If you have a Happy Tail, we'd love to hear it -- please send us an email. For brief instructions, click the "Happy Tails" link on the left-hand side bar. We'll post new Happy Tails as soon as we get them. And don't forget, cats have happy tails too!


I've been DYING to tell you all my happy tails story! One of Lola's favorite tricks is to hunt her toys. She throws them across my apartment then crouches, stalks, and pounces. It's too funny! Also, she pouts, sometimes because she's not ready for sleep/bed so she lays UNDER her bed that's in the crate. It's so strange to look in the closed crate and have trouble finding my dog! She has so much personality that you can't help but smile when you're around her! Also at just 6 months she can sit, shake, high 5, lay down, and get in her crate on command!


We adopted Savannah about a month ago and she has been having a blast! She loves going to the park with our roommate's dog, Blue. They have a great time wrestling in the dirt and even occasionally beg to go! She has a bit of a shy nature and it has taken her a bit to get used to friends coming over, but slowly she's understanding that not everyone needs to be hidden from and she's even beginning to try and get some new people to play with her.


Her name was Fritsy we Adopted her on Fathers day (in June 2011), about 1 1/2 years old, we think she is a terrier mixed with a Jack Russell terrier; now her name is Lorax, for the Dr. Seuss Character defender of the environment!

Lorax loves to be taken to dog parks so she can meet other friends and run like a bullet. One thing that Lorax loves to do is get under the covers. One time we had family over from the south and she jumped into bed with them and slept under the covers all night. She is a social butterfly!


We changed Rambo's name to Camo because of his brindle color and his obvious ability to blend in.

My boyfriend decided to give me a wonderful Valentines Day present. We have another Pit Mix named Sassy, and we wanted a play mate for her. We had been talking about getting another dog for a while, but knew it would be that much more responsibility. That day we planed to meet our family for lunch, but before we went to lunch Ben took me to PetSmart. I was a little confused at this, asking if we needed food for Sassy.


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