June 2011 I adopted the best dog that has ever been a part of my life. His given name was originally Thane but my boyfriend and I ended up re-naming him Buddy because, well he is everyone's buddy. It doesn't matter if you're a dog, cat, horse, bird, or human he wants to be your friend. He was only 8 months when I adopted him and as a shepherd/lab mix so he had plenty of growing to do. He is now about 70 pounds but he thinks he is a lap dog. He'll crawl into your lap if you lay down with him and will always try to get as close to you as possible.

Levi and Grits

Levi is an energetic boy who LOVES to run and is fast as lightning. He likes fresh vegetables, having his ears scratched, going for rides and stealing socks out of the laundry. Even though we don't have any (human) children of our own, we learned that Levi really likes kids and is gentle and aware whenever they are around. Levi is a smart guy who always aims to please.


Saturday tends to be our day to run errands. Almost every Saturday we end up at Butler Plaza for one thing or another. We'd had our first dog, Bailey, since June 2009 and we would visit PetSmart to get the things we needed for her. While there, we would visit the dogs and cats that the shelters would bring in, and while we (at first) had no intention to adopt, it quickly became routine for us to make our weekly trip to PetSmart to love on the homeless puppies and kittens.


My fiance, Glynn, and I were frequently at PetSmart on Saturdays looking at all the puppies. We had decided that something was missing in our lives and it was time to add someone and start growing a little family. We had visited a few different puppies and of course I fell in love with all of them. My fiance wasn't so easy to convince.


Adopting a dog was something I had always wanted to do, but I wanted to make sure I was financially stable enough to care for a dog properly. When I saw the signs on the road advertising PetSmart's National Pet Adoption Weekend, I thought, maybe I'm ready, and decided to visit their website to see what dogs would be available. I looked through all of the pets from most of the shelters, hoping for a dog to catch my eye. When I found Peanut's listing, I knew she was special.


Thank you for letting us adopt Holly; her new name in Samy.

Chelsea and Logan

Hi I'm Chelsea and our new life started when mom saw my picture on the web site. She was looking for a golden retriever to adopt to go to work with her in the nursing home. Everyone knows goldens are sweet and gentle so I was perfect, well almost. I was born with three legs but that hasn't stopped me!! Mom filled out the application and called Laurie. Mom was so happy when Laurie said she had been approved and made the arrangements to meet me at Petsmart in Gainesville. It was June of 2008.


For Bellamy, a Pomeranian crossbred dog that came to UF’s shelter medicine program in November for neutering, the thrill is gone — and that’s a good thing.

Soon after Bellamy’s arrival from Puppy Hill Farm, a rescue group, shelter veterinarian Dr. Natalie Isaza discerned that the dog had a heart murmur with a palpable thrill, or vibration caused by fluid passing through an incompetent heart valve.


My boyfriend Brad and I always knew we wanted to get a dog together. Unfortunately, our first apartment wasn’t dog friendly, as our roommate had a very feisty cat! We waited eagerly until we moved into our new place and could finally bring another addition to our little family.

Happy Tails: Rio

We love to see Puppy Hill Farm graduates out in the real world enjoying life to it's fullest! Here is Rio, a dog adopted in August 2011, enjoying a hike at Yellow Branch Falls!


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